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“Let Life Be A Pursuit", Qi Water advocates to pursue the original beauty of life, be healthy, stylish and positive.

Qi Water dedicates the natural gift from Malaysia’s tropical forest of 130 million years old to you.

Packed with up to 8x more oxygen to replenish lost energy!
Reduce the effects of acidosis and helps cells regenerate!
Reset your pH levels back to healthy levels!
Improve sports performance and reduces fatigue!
Qi Founder

Dato' Victor Chong, the founder of Qi, is a young Malaysian Chinese. He has formed his own ideology of modern lifestyle, be healthy, stylish and positive. Victor has learnt water is essential to people’s daily life while he was studying in the United States, In 2010, he met a German drinking water expert and learnt more about what high quality drinking water can do to our body while doing sports. After many years of research, Victor founded Qi Water, integrating Malaysia’s best quality water with the sophisticated German nano-dissolved oxygenated technology. Qi Water, one premium sports drinking water, is from the 130 million years old tropical forest in Malaysia.








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